Toni Rowland - i'll Be Here Waiting

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Toni Rowland, born and living in South Africa, writes all her own material., Toni does all the lead vocals, and some guitar. Likened to Stevie Nicks, she writes her own material and music.

Toni has had many bands in the past, the last and most successful being Mantis. In 2007, she decided to break out on her own and go solo. In March 2010 she completed her first solo album, produced by rock legend Ken Hensley (think Uriah Heep here!). She is busy working with Ken again on her next album, with Ken travelling to South Africa to record and perform with her.

As well as producing the album,Ken Hensley played Hammond,keyboards and guitars on the album and on the new material.

Working with Ken and his musicians certainly was a life changing experience and the final sound that was produced on the album is right on the button.

You can hear more of the album on her website.