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Wow I have have a lot of views My profile's been VIEWED 2359 times , please come back and VOTE too I APPRECIATE IT THANKS SUSAN if you have VOTED many thanks. All songs are original music and lyrics owned by Susan A Stevens. Susan A Stevens was born & raised in Vancouver, B,C. Canada (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Susan's love of words & writing poetry, & loving music, brought her into lyrics, that show a passion & depth created by external experiences as well as her own, flavored with a passion, depth & creativity, that continues to come from within & without. Susan was/is filled with a need to explore & play instruments, (guitar & keyboard) to create songs that can fit into many genres. Susan sings into the words that speak of relationships, as well as relationship to self, with simplicity,depth honesty, feeling & emotion. Inside Susan's head is a symphony of instruments, playing as each song evolves. She is influenced by many genres & artists. Susan has a natural ability, to apply sound, & became a sound engineer (1year program) to further create. When Susan performs the room is quiet, all ears, listen to the words & music. Susan is a self made Singer/Songwriter, who writes the lyrics, music sings the Vocals.Susan A Steven owns all songs she has written© music&Lyrics protected.For Reverbnation Thanks to all who vote <3

Charts Susan is No# 1 for all genres in Medicine Hat , Alberta, Canada No#4 currently for SINGER/SONGWRITER charts NATIONAL in CANADA & NO# 79 in WORLD as SingerSONGWRITER on Reverbnation. Susan belongs to SOCAN (Canada) & ´╗┐ASCAP (USA), and Internationally.