Natalie Reid - Strong - London Grammar

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My name is Natalie Reid, I'm 26 years old and recently joined the "Adelaide Musicians" facebook group. I stumbled across the Famestage Competition and I am interested in applying for it.

I am a singer (unsigned) and am just starting out in my music career. The videos I will send you were recorded with poor quality, however, you will see the emotion and the essence is still there. I believe I have an edge and raw emotion that will help me to go further, but need the opportunity to progress and network with fellow musicians - and hopefully entertain and inspire a lot of people along the way! I am really keen to take up music as a career but most certainly need a lot of direction and exposure!

I believe my style of music has a lot of potential in this industry, and my heart and soul is certainly in it. I know that if given the chance, I would take every step to progression and entertaining people along the way :) I know I can make a difference, I've just never had the chance.

I am a country girl from a small town, with a big heart. I am excited to begin in the music industry as this is where my heart and soul truly lies. I hope you can see from my videos, however poor quality, the emotion and energy I draw from music.