Marcel d'Olive - OLIVE MIXTURE release

How many times can I vote?

You can vote once per day, per contestant.

How does the contestant get a gold star?

When the red voting bar becomes full, it will reset and the contestant will be awarded a full star. A contestant can gain red, silver and gold stars depending on the number of votes they receive.

Hmmm, why do you need my name and email address?

We need your name and email address to confirm that all votes are genuine, and to prevent multiple votes for the same contestant.


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Marcel d'Olive was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and he began his musical adventures at age of eight, studying violin. Graduated in Music and Violin by UNESP — State University of São Paulo, and by EMM — Municipal Music School of São Paulo, he has composed several songs and soundtracks for his troupe of storytellers called "Prana Teatro". In 2012 he released the EP "Some disorder in the hall of mirrors", and in 2014 he released his first album "Olive Mixture".