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Wooley Swamp


For the last 35 years, I have appeared all over the country at one time or another. I have held most every position in a band and have run a few spotlights as well. From giving guitar lessons in high school, to playing every Friday night at the American Legion in a show in Guthrie Oklahoma called the Guthrie Opra Show, to spotlights in the casinos.

I have worked several clubs coast to coast and Overseas as well. I got picked up at the Traditional Crossroads Club in Fort Smith, Arkansas to perform with Bob White, “who was a steal guitar hall of fame player, working in his house band “Cross Country”.
I have met and worked with all kinds of musicians on and off the road. I worked for Bob White for 2 years, 6 nights a week, then Doye Elmore, owner of the Cactus Club in Fort Smith Arkansas for another 2 years in his house band “Midland Express”.
Shortly after the Cactus Club was sold, I started my own band “Silent Thunder” out of Oklahoma, in which I still have to this day.

My band “Silent Thunder” worked all over Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma for several years. We worked the traditional Painted Stallion in Joplin Mo, the Horseshoe in Joplin, and Silverado’s in Joplin. We also booked the Cowboy Palace in Neosho, did a few gigs in Eldon and Osage Beach Mo. From Mountain Home Arkansas at the “Club Fox” to Ozark, to Altus, to Dardanelle, to Morrilton, all across the Oklahoma border from Pocola to Sallisaw, to Norman Oklahoma at the Riverwind Casino. Then we started with Vega Texas, on the New Mexico border at the traditional “Tom Henry Green Barn”, to Country USA in Colorado Springs.

Since I was 12 years old, I have worked 35 years in the music profession.

I can perform most every kind of music from old school traditional country or western to current dated stuff. I can sing and play Country and Western, Country Rock, Southern Rock, Christian, Contemporary, Blues, Rap, just whatever the customers wanted to hear at the time, I worked towards the customers needs..

I perform with my band, or as a two man acoustic show, or as a single act entertaining and performing shows.

I do write songs and in September of 2011, I signed with the a label in which I have recorded 8 original songs for my album “Call of the Honky Tonks”. My producer {Don Johnson} is one of the best producers I have ever known, and has the track record to prove it. The staff at TMG is awesome and have completed a professional soundtrack I am proud to say is all mine. This Album was released nationally August 21st, of 2012.

This Album is dedicated to my family and the traditions I was raised under. I hope to make them proud and to carry on the traditions of my famlies traditional music and values in the passion of the music profession.