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Latasha Lee was born in Corpus Christi Tx and at an early age Latasha’s mom, Michelle Crayton knew she was destined to perform. At the age of twenty, Latasha Lee caught the attention of Universal platinum producer Salih Williams. Latasha who has always admired Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston,Sam Cooke, Gladys Knight, Etta James and Otis Reddings, new her sound must contain the essence of these artist. In 2006 she signed to Salih Williams production company Carnival Beats and immediately started songwriting with him to create the Latasha Lee sound. In 2012 latasha made it to the top 50 spot on the television show X-Factor. In 2013 LaTasha along with producer Salih released her self-titled album along with 17 compelling music videos on youTube. With extensive online and offline marketing it allowed LaTasha Lee to quickly develop a fast growing fanbase. LaTasha\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s band The BlackTies were quickly assembled shortly after releasing the album and the live shows began rolling in. October 4th of 2013 LaTasha Lee & The Blackties displayed their live performance for the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin Tx. Latasha Lee has been featured on many radio and blog sites such as,, Verbicide Magazine/UK,,,,, Echoes Magazine/UK, RollinSoulsBrasil, KUTX 98.9, The Bob Edward Show, and other various internet radio and blog sites across the world. LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies have performed throughout the US drawing large crowds and leaving them wanting more. Her music along with her soulful voice cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. This is music with teeth, heart and soul.