Klayton Bueno - Greater Than The Time

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“Klayton Bueno was born in the year of 1984 in Silvânia, a city in the country side of the State of Goiás, Brazil. At age 12 he got into music due to parental influence, learning how to play the guitar and soon after the instrument that would mark his musical biography, the keyboard. Later, in a more mature period of his adolescence, he is presented to the piano and from that point on, as he himself says, ‘I couldn’t let go of it anymore.” At first he was entirely self-taught, his studies, despite the early age, guided by creative will and curiosity, disregarding purely technical matters, only focusing upon the aesthetic development of what he ‘perceived’. His passion for creation was remarkable, thus giving rise to his first compositions in the initial years in which he was in contact with the instrument.
At age 14 he begins to work playing in weddings, events and accompanying choirs in his hometown. In the year of 2004 he moves to the capital, Goiânia, where he plays in renowned restaurants and hotels in the city, a trade which enabled him the opportunity to experience the market and see himself as a professional musician; something that he would do, in the following years, throughout all of Brazil, mainly in the States of Goiás and São Paulo and in the Northeast of Brazil. In 2009, when he moved to the city of Natal, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, he had the opportunity to study under the professors Manuel Nascimento and Ivo Sousa, studying harmony and counterpoint in the Waldemar de Almeida Music Institute. Now, in March of 2014, he releases his first album, “Walking With Thee”, which contains 12 tracks, all songs he has written, consolidating his project as a professional pianist and composer, with new melodies in the field of instrumental music.”