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Unlucky Girl

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Cléo. The genuine unlucky girl. Born and raised in a city right on the beach, she hated sand. She always loved all animals and dreamed to own a dog, but her mom never let her get one. She didn’t grow up in a musical environment. She was raised by 90′s television. Her character was shaped by the amazingness of cable TV and music channels like MTV. She used to watch video clips all day and all night, live shows of her favourite 80′s and 90′s pop/rock acts like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, No Doubt, Pat Benatar, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Green Day, Foo Fighters and many many others. She never had the opportunity to express her passion for arts and music (except in the shower) but she always knew in the back of her mind that she was born to do it!
When she got old enough to leave her home town and fight for her dream she didn’t think twice. In a small amount of time she was performing alongside big names in musical theatre and doing her own shows. She became a prestigious singer/actress/dancer/performer. Now, with years of experience, it’s the time to show a little bit more… no, not her boobs… her songwriter side! Cléo is now opening her heart and soul to show the world what this Unlucky Girl has inside.
But why so unlucky? It’s just a metaphor to express all the odds she had to beat to get where she is, all the doors she had to open alone to continue her journey, all the fights she lost to win the battles. She’s strong, passionate, full of life and LOUD. She’s Brazilian but she doesn't look like one (although she would love to! You know, golden skin...). She doesn't sing samba, she sings pop and rock. She lives in the UK but speaks American English. People think she’s Australian… maybe she’s from Mars… the point is that she’s always the opposite of what you think she should be. She hates judgment and she wants to spread love, life and a bit of chaos. She’s here to say: “F*** luck! Let’s enjoy life the way we want to!”.
Her songs are the message she wants to leave to the world. A pure explosion of pop, rock, happiness, craziness, loudness and love. No stereotypes or clichés. Passionate, like her, who loves to hate as well. This is Cléo, the one who was always at the right place at the wrong time. But hey… things can change. Maybe now’s her time!