Cajun Rain - Friday on my mind

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Cajun Rain was born July 13 1978 in Subiaco Perth Wa Australia.
Moved to the uk 2010
He is a singer songwriter,musician,producer.
Cajun Rain writes in a non genre specific way he is releasing independent,original music across all forms of the craft.From house techno right through to classical.
Early influences range from Madonna to Metallica.The Beatles,Spencer Davis,Foo Fighters.
Always drawn by music Cajun Rain was writing at an early age and was inspired to follow the music road after seeing James Hetfield from Metallica in concert he acquired his first guitar and has been at it ever since.
Early days saw Cajun Rain sing in heavy metal bands,but over time gravitated towards a more main stream pop,folk,rock feel.
Cajun Rain is on a musical journey where he will end up no one knows.