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You can vote once per day, per contestant.

How does the contestant get a gold star?

When the red voting bar becomes full, it will reset and the contestant will be awarded a full star. A contestant can gain red, silver and gold stars depending on the number of votes they receive.

Hmmm, why do you need my name and email address?

We need your name and email address to confirm that all votes are genuine, and to prevent multiple votes for the same contestant.

Augustana Boston Cover

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My name is Kat and I'm a creator. I have a way with words (or so I've been told). I am a singer-songwriter/composer originally from Fairbanks, AK now living in the beautiful Pacific NW-I love music and everything that touches our souls and makes us feel.

I have been creating music since 1996 (playing since I was 6 years old.) I began with composing piano instrumentals, some of which have made it on to TV, and have evolved into a singer-songwriter. I have released multiple albums (produced myself) including: 4 instrumental albums and 1 singer-songwriter, with an alternative piano rock/ballad feel. I am currently recording my second singer-songwriter album and will be releasing it soon.

I really enjoy recording covers as well, learning from my fellow artists to grow and improve as an artist with each cover. I have been very lucky to have gained quite a fan base from YouTube and hear everyday how my music has touched someone's life, these comments make my day and inspired me to join Patreon.com/katsember to help build my following and fund my passion.

Notable Mentions:
- International Music Awards 2007 Special Mention – Season’s Journey
- Lifetime Television – “Dance Moms” Seasons 2 Episode 1 – Season’s Journey
- Semi-Finalist 2011 International Songwriting Competition