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Hella Donna (English for "hell, what a woman!") is a power pop project from Saxony offering a powerful mainstream mix of groovy pop songs, rock tracks with electro, house and R&B elements as well as soulful ballads, all sung in English.

2003, Hella Donna was founded by the guitarist Sven Hessel in Plauen/Vogtland. The current members of the band are the charismatically front singer Anika Krabas and her four fellow musicians Seven Hessel (Guitar), René Voigt (Bass), Lars Henrik Lincke (Keys) and Christian Scherff (Drums, Backing-Vocals).

Over the last few years, the band has had numerous hits on regional, national and international web and radio charts. But, as Hella Donna sees itself as a live band more than anything else, its personal highlight was the tour through a total of 16 German cities in the autumn of 2007 and performances at Wood Pop and the Summer Summit Festival.

The band started 2012 with their third album "Groove On". Their latest single, "Not the Cure", was produced in cooperation with Grammy Award-winner Philip Larsen (remixer for Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, among others) together with a music video that has received a lot of TV airplay. Hella Donna also won awards for best producer and best cover for “Groove On” at the 2012 German Rock and Pop Awards. They’ve also been nominated for the 2012 LSFM Newcomer Award, the 2012 and 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Dude Magazine's Bubble Beat Award, where they won the title of 2012’s best newcomer band.

Even though the year’s just getting started, Hella Donna has already been out on the road and has played at numerous major events and concerts. There have also been TV appearances on Pro7, IM1, MTV Music24, TV Berlin, NachtfahrtTV, BubblegumTV and YagalooTV.